New Platform Allows Consumers To See Their Data Under GDPR, Without Email Address

33Across, a programmatic platform provider, has debuted a self-service User Data Portal that helps consumers view any data collected on them for advertising purposes, the company announced on Thursday.

The “privacy by design” tool enables individuals to click to immediately delete or download data the company has acquired to date, the firm says. 

The company utilizes a programmatic intermediary that allows consumers to exercise their GDPR rights without surrendering personal information via a web form or email.

This is an advance over the standard offered by ad exchanges and intermediaries, in which the consumer must submit a lengthy email or form and wait up to 30 days for a response.

The company “invested more than a year ensuring we could operate seamlessly within the IAB’s consent framework,” while presenting a transparent experience to EU consumers, states Eric Wheeler, CEO of 33Across.



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