Salesforce Debuts New Data Suite To Provide Single View Of Customer

Salesforce has unveiled a new set of services designed to provide brands with what it says is a single source of truth across all their customer relationships.

The new suite, Customer 360 Truth, combines data sales, service, marketing, commerce and other units to create a single, universal Salesforce ID for each customer, the company says.

Included are all of a customer’s prior interactions and shared preferences, the firm says. 

“Companies have siloed data; disconnected apps; a complex patchwork of sometimes incompatible services and no way to connect it all," states Patrick Stokes, EVP, Platform Shared Services, Salesforce.

Salesforce Customer 360 Truth is powered by the firm’s Cloud Information Model, an open-source data model that in turn is enabled by MuleSoft technology, the firm says. 

According to Salesforce, the new tools include:

  • Customer 360 Data Manager — allows brand to access, connect and resolve a customer’s data across Salesforce and other systems
  • Salesforce Identity for Customers — removes friction from the login experience, resulting in a single, secure relationship between a customer and all of a company's websites, e-commerce stores, mobile apps and connected products
  • Customer 360 Audiences  builds unified customer profiles from both known data like email addresses and unknown data such as website visits and device IDs. It then uses this data to creates customer segments and determine prospective lifetime value and likelihood to churn
  • Privacy and Data Governance — helps brands honor customersprivacy preferences and apply data classification labels to all data in Salesforce



Clients are finding the suite to be valuable so far.

For example, Pacers Sports & Entertainment says it now has “real-time visibility" that enables the company to operate more effectively cross-channel with an increase in customer loyalty, as well as drive "innovation across the organization," says Rick Fuson, president and COO, Pacers sports & entertainment.




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