Q&A With Marcus Hotels CMO Erin Levzow

We're going to hear how Marcus Hotels gives its guests tours of its unique artworks via its app, leveraging data and personalizing communication based on their taste in art. CMO Erin Levzow makes the presentation at our Email Insider Summit Dec. 8 - 11 in Deer Valley, Utah. We caught up with her last week.

Q. What is the most important idea you hope attendees will take away from your presentation?

A. That what someone does and what someone says can be very different. When looking at data, it is surprising how often we judge a book by its cover even with data.

Q. What's next on your personal or professional agenda?

A. I never know a good answer to this question. I love to teach marketing and get excited when speaking with fellow marketers. I love to grow a team and coach my team to support our business. If I can keep doing that, it will be a win.

Personally, making sure I don’t mess up the mom game will be good start. So as long as I’m a great marketer, great leader, great mom and wife, great friend, super skinny, but can eat everything in sight … well, that would be a good start. The struggle is for sure real, and I fail at something new every day. I'm going to keep failing because that is the only way to keep succeeding. So with that said, I don’t know what is around the next corner but I know it will be great. 

Q. Which marketing challenge keeps you up at night?

A. Reporting out on all things marketing is not easy, with many different verticals, ways of measuring, variations in conversions and KPIs, it can be tricky to create a one-stop summary of how everything is marketing is doing.

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