Vitamin Shoppe Adds Data-Driven, In-Store Sampling

The physical and digital worlds continue to merge in retail, and now one retailer is moving some of that action into its stores.

The Vitamin Shoppe is adding interactive, digital kiosks to add data analytics to customer sampling.

The first store using the technology from Vengo Labs is in New Jersey, with plans to add at least 10 more stores by the end of the month.

“We are committed to bringing product and service innovations to our customer experience as we continue to evolve," says Sharon Leite, CEO of The Vitamin Shoppe. “The interactive digital kiosk is a novel way to drive in-store sampling of new products. This engages customers, encourages trial of different brands and provides a great opportunity for our associates to educate customers about new wellness solutions.”

The sampling kiosk includes features such as a touch screen, video, surveys and quizzes.

This is yet another example of a creative use of connected technology.

Rather than samples being blindly handed to passersby, data about who is receiving the samples is being captured.

At least a company can find out what types of shoppers are interested in their products and then fine-tune their marketing efforts.

There may be fewer samples handed out, but at least they'll be going to the right people.

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