Mimecast Adds Email/Data Security Features

Mimecast, an email and data security firm, has added application visibility and control capabilities to its Mimecast Web Security product.

The new service helps “give the reins back to IT so they can proactively manage cloud app use across the organization to improve their cyber resilience posture, using the same single platform and console they use to secure email and web access,” states Jamie Fernandes, senior director of product management at Mimecast. 

Web Security integrates with the firm's Mimecast Email Security service.

The new features enable Mimecast customers to overcome the challenge of Shadow IT by providing cyber protections that extend beyond a firm’s perimeter, the company says. 

In addition, the services reduce security, data and compliance risks by managing where data and intellectual property is held in the cloud, it continues.



Mimecast notes that most employees now use cloud-based apps to increase productivity and collaborate more efficiently. In total, the average firm uses over 1,400 cloud services, and the average employee uses 36 apps at work.

However, many of these apps are not sanctioned by IT, and can create data security risks for companies. 

The firm’s new Application Visibility allows firms to view the apps being used, and IT can apply policies to block, allow or monitor them.




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