Q&A With Ryan Thompson, The DCCC's Chief Digital Officer

Ryan Thompson will speak on "Navigating the New Social 'Etiquette'" at Marketing: Politics on Jan. 16, in Washington, D.C. We caught up with him earlier this week.

Q: What do you expect from the social platforms this cycle?

A: I expect them to update or change their policies, and limit the use of their tools for political advertisers. I’ve been disappointed to see social publishers specifically target and discriminate against political advertisers, and I expect it to drive up the costs of reaching key voter demographics on social channels. 

Q: How does your approach to these platforms differ from the Republicans'?

A: Our approach for mobilization is slightly different from our Republican counterparts only because our bases couldn’t be further from separate. My Republican colleagues are reaching voters who are excited about the current president, and Democrats know we need to reach busy voters who are still waiting for events in Washington to impact their day-to-day lives.

Q: Where have you seen particular success in the most recent campaigns?

A: As always, we’re seeing tremendous success when we’re able to reach voters on the digital channels they use frequently, and we know creating compelling online video is critical to protecting and expanding our House Majority this fall.

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