Comscore, Iris.TV Launch Contextual CTV Targeting

AI-powered video programming platform Iris.TV has integrated Comscore’s contextual categorization and brand-safety segments. 

The move extends Comscore’s contextual targeting to connected TV advertising. 

Iris.TV will offer Comscore’s contextual data via its marketplace for both direct and private marketplace deals being executed via supply-side platforms.

Use of CTV is growing as advertisers seek to find new ways to target audiences, but ad fraud and user privacy continue to be issues with programmatic buys, in particular.

“Accurate brand safety and contextual solutions for CTV and premium video have been the white whale of ad tech for the past few years,” David Clutter, VP, head of demand at Beachfront Media, noted in the announcement.

“With new privacy standards coming about just as CTV is becoming mainstream, contextual targeting solutions for CTV are critical for media buyers to ensure their advertising is privacy-forward and surfacing in safe and contextually relevant environments,” added Jeremy Steinberg, global head of ecosystem at MediaMath. 



Comscore has said it believes its contextual-based demographic targeting — which goes beyond keyword-only-based targeting to offer “comprehensive content insights” — makes it well-positioned as a solution provider as Google phases out cookies over the next two years.

“Relying on technology that knows the difference between apple, the fruit, and Apple, the multinational technology company, is critical,” Rachel Gantz, general manager, activation solutions for Comscore, underscored in the news release.

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