Kellogg Sells Pringles During Super Bowl In Real Time

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The Challenge

CBS Interactive was looking to do something that had never been done before during the Super Bowl: sell product during the game in real time. It wanted to leverage the growing percentage of people watching the game on a digital device. 

The Execution

Through a partnership with Kellogg’s Pringles, CBS Interactive and Innovid, an ad for Pringles chips that aired during the largest live football event of the year, called “Sad Device,” contained addressable creative, shoppable engagement and creative versioning at scale in real-time. 

In order to maximize the value of its 30-second ad spots among connected TV (CTV) viewers watching the football game, Pringles incorporated interactive components and dynamic data-driven personalization to enhance their existing creative content. One of the spots featured a shoppable experience with a QR code linked to the Pringles online store. The other spot contained a dynamic greeting that displayed the name of the city based on the user’s location. 

Users who engaged with the ad via clicks or swipes on their CTV devices were presented with a personalized Pringles chip flavor combination that highlighted Pringles’ variety of flavor options and stackable shape. 

The Results

This ad campaign produced more than 4,224 unique creative pieces delivered concurrently with the dynamic creative for the city name, making it the largest execution of its kind for a premier live U.S. sporting event. 

The dynamic creative also generated greater than a 6.4% engagement rate, which is more than four times higher than the Innovid benchmark. 

The shoppable creative with a QR code also generated high engagement that led to 0.6% commerce actions taken by viewers leading to Amazon’s Pringles storefront. 

Through personalized CTV ad experiences, Pringles was able to connect with viewers on an entirely new level.

Key Takeaways

MediaPost spoke with Tal Chalozin, Co-Founder and CTO at Innovid, about what the agency learned during this process. He quoted a famous line, "If you build it, they will come."

"It was a complicated challenge, to make sure it works at scale with no hiccups," he said. "But we have proven that it is doable."

On the Thursday before the Big Game, Kellogg's CMO asked the agency what they would consider a successful engagement rate. "We said we had no clue. There was no tweeting ahead of it. It was unprompted, 30 seconds in the second quarter of the game. There could have been a chance that 0% had a remote in hand."

The results spoke for themselves. Chalozin said they had a lot of pickup on Twitter, with tweets asking "how cool is this" and "such an amazing use of the medium."

Finally, he advised others, "Don't be afraid. Just do it."

This campaign won the TV or Interactive/Enhanced TV category in MediaPost's 2019 Creative Media Awards.

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