ActiveCampaign Adds B2B Targeting, Automation Tools

ActiveCampaign has added features to its customer experience platform to help B2B sales teams work broader marketing campaigns while automating personalized communications. 

The solution will help salespeople “adapt their approach based on other real-world factors and changing customer needs,” states Adam Johnson, VP of sales for ActiveCampaign.

Sales automations -- which allow brands to reach 1:1 customer segments based on tracking of email marketing campaigns, website tracking, open and click rates, recent purchases -- support tickets and other activities.

CRM is helping sales keep track of customer/account interactions and prioritize outreach, win probability and lead scores, based on prospect behavior. 

Recipes that allow teams to customize campaigns based on prospect behaviors using pre-built templates.

In addition, ActiveCampaign also provides integrations with Salesforce, Google, Sheets, Slack and other technology solutions.

Johnson adds that sales is "on the front lines” when it comes to the customer experience. “Unfortunately, sales is often disconnected from what the rest of the company is doing to engage customers,” he says. 



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