Comscore Launches Faster Local TV Ratings

Comscore is launching a faster local TV rating service -- with a turnaround of 48 hours.

Previously, it took two weeks for TV stations to get TV ratings data from the media research company.

The service, called QuickScore, will help TV stations, media agencies and other parties to operate more efficiently when it comes to advertising sales, promotion, and programming decisions.

Comscore’s QuickScore is available to 32 markets -- the top 30 markets as well as the Columbus, Ohio and Hartford, Conn. local markets. It will report initial ratings for ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates in these markets, as well as major independent stations.

Major TV station owner Nexstar Media Group has been a key partner in helping to launch the service.

In response to the Comscore announcement, Nielsen, a TV measurement competitor, issued a response from Peter Bradbury, chief commercial officer, U.S., who says:



"Our measurement is the only service that can provide data on both households and individual demographic audiences for all media types (over-the-air, cable, OTT and digital). In addition, and importantly, Nielsen panels fully represent the geographies and ethnic diversity of each unique market."

He adds: "Nielsen uses return path data in many of our markets as an added data source to complement our panels. We have been working with this data for many years and have assessed its accuracy against our panels, which serve as a truth set to ensure completeness and quality of data."

Comscore collects measurement of 30 million homes across the U.S.

Comscore’s revenue for the fourth quarter of 2019 dropped 13% to $95.2 million compared to $109.3 million in the same quarter the year before. Its net loss widened to $21.4 million compared to a loss of $27.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2018.

For the full year of 2019, Comscore revenue dipped 7% to $388.6 million compared to  $419.5 million in 2018.


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