UJET Integrates Sales Platform With Salesforce Sales Cloud

UJET Inc., a provider of customer support tools, is integrating its communications platform with Salesforce Sales Cloud, the company announced on Tuesday.  

The objective is to help clients support “their entire customer lifecycle” across channels, says Joerg Habermeier, vice president of product for UJET.

The arrangement will allow sales teams to automate processes, convert leads and manage existing accounts, the company says.

Among other things, UJET clients can look up end user records in separate Sales Cloud objects — for example, leads and contacts.

In addition, UJET facilitates data consolidation: media files, transcripts and other information can be packaged and attached to a lead or a customer profile, UJET adds.

In addition, sales teams can benefit from communications between the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds, it says.



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