Have A Great American Picnic, At Home

It’s springtime, and what better time for a picnic -- other than summer, perhaps? Or even a beautiful fall day, for that matter?

Of course, with most people under lockdown due to the pandemic, having a good old-fashioned outdoors picnic in any season is not as easy as it once was. 

But The Great American Takeout — the movement that sprung up last month to support the ailing restaurant industry — is offering an alternative way to picnic, support the industry, eat well and maybe win a $50 gift card, as well. 

So on Tuesday, throw down a blanket in the backyard (or the living room) and enjoy a picnic at home with food ordered in. Hidden Valley Ranch, in partnership with Ventura Foods, will award $50 gift cards to 200 at-home picnickers for use on their next takeout meal.  

Good luck. Sweepstakes entry details can be found here.





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