Dynamic Yield Debuts Tool To Help Email Marketers Use Its Data

Dynamic Yield, the provider of an AI-driven personalization platform, has unveiled a tool that it says allows brands to utilize the data it captures from email service providers (ESPs), ad networks, call center solutions and other enterprise systems.

The new solution, Audience Export Manager, is designed to help email marketers, acquisition managers and others “leverage troves of behavioral and browsing activity data that was not previously available to them,” states Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield.

Agmon adds that “customers expect email campaigns to be highly relevant and personalized.” 

According to Dynamic Yield, Audience Export Manager can be used to: 

- Target Dynamic Yield’s audience segments within an ESP

- Create hyper-targeted campaigns based on such factors as user affinity, loyalty tier, CRM attributes and historical offline purchase behavior

- Expand reach on Google and Facebook by creating lookalikes using Dynamic Yield audiences

Augment first-party platforms like CRM and BI with details such as onsite behavior, probability to purchase, affinity and third-party data.




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