Auto Shoppers Shift Dramatically To Online

Consumers in the market for a vehicle have been increasingly shopping online during the pandemic, and that behavior is likely to continue even after showrooms reopen, according to a survey from Adtaxi.

A separate study conducted by MWWPR indicates consumers have strong brand expectations post-COVID-19 lockdown, with 83% indicating that a company’s leadership acts during COVID-19 will affect how likely they are going to buy a product or service.

Furthermore, 84% of consumers agree that companies prioritizing the welfare of its employees will be a more important factor on what they buy, and 81% of consumer agree that companies have a responsibility to help solve social or policy issues, even if it is outside the realm of their product category or industry.

The Adtaxi study found 90% of respondents are comparing makes and models online, 87% are comparing prices and promotions online, and 83% are comparing dealerships online.



Twenty-eight percent of respondents say that after the pandemic they will spend more time comparing makes, models, prices and promotions online,  and 25% will spend more time comparing dealerships online.

The study indicates concrete steps that automakers can take to increase the comfort level of potential buyers.

Roughly half of respondents (45%) believe that local dealerships are consciously taking steps to ensure their safety, while 39% find current automotive advertising helpful to them. 

According to the study, 72% of respondents would be more inclined to purchase a vehicle today if they could delay their payments. Additionally, 63% find home test drives useful, and 60% would be more inclined to purchase if the dealership offered home delivery.

Meanwhile 24% of respondents said they were going ahead with plans to buy or lease a new vehicle during the health crisis, and 29% are continuing with a used vehicle purchase. 

Adtaxi conducted its survey online via Survey Monkey. A national sample of 581 adults were surveyed, each of whom indicated via a screener question that they were in the market for a new or used vehicle. The survey was conducted on April 30 with respondents spanning across U.S. geographic regions, income levels, gender and age. 

MWWPR's survey of 1,000 Americans was fielded  May 1-3.  The survey was conducted on behalf of MWWPR by survey research firm Lucid. 

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