Madison Logic Adds Its ABM Tool To Hubspot App Marketplace

Madison Logic’s account-based marketing solution, ML Platform, is now listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Joint clients can “engage and measure their impact to accounts across content syndication, display advertising and LinkedIn ads to bring marketing and sales closer together and accelerate deal velocity,” states Tom O’Regan, CEO, Madison Logic.

In addition, the arrangement allows B2B brands to:

- Personalize messaging across the buyer journey through dynamic account segmentation.

- Trigger nurture campaigns in paid media channels based on content engagement signals.

- Communicate with sales teams on which content their accounts are engaging with across multiple media channels. 

- Influence account scoring based on paid media channel engagement.

Eric Wittlake, senior analyst for TOPO, observes that “the best organizations adopt a full-funnel, account based strategy."

"According to our benchmark data, high-performing account-based organizations are 51% more likely than other companies to run pipeline velocity plays,” Wittlake says.




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