ALC Rebrands As Adstra, With Focus On Identity, Data Solutions

The data firm formerly known as ALC has rebranded itself as Adstra and is now billing itself as a Data Bureau.

The goal is to become “a new kind of identity and data solutions provider,” states Rick Erwin, CEO of Adstra.

Founded in 1978 by Donn Rappaport, the company offers first-party data acquisition and enhancement, identity resolution and validation, privacy support, audience segmentation and monetization capabilities.  

According to Adstra, its capabilities include:

  • Adstra Link2MeID — A “persistent person ID” linking  known and anonymous realms
  • Adstra Graph — A cloud-based identity graph that links first- and second-party data with brands
  • Adstra Privacy Insights — A consultative service for helping brands with data governance and compliance

Those cross-channel data capabilities clearly would cover email marketing.

“Data has become a critical ingredient in every form of marketing and advertising, and yet it is still not being used to inform most marketing and advertising decisions and the current economics do not allow for flexible use,” Erwin states.

The reason is that “legacy data companies are dependent on an outdated business model that makes wider data adoption cost-prohibitive for marketers and prevents them from further realizing its benefits,” Erwin adds.

As a data bureau, Adstra will harmonize data so that “systems can perform even better at deploying it to marketing channels,” states Andy Johnson, CDO at Adstra.

The privately held firm is based in Princeton, New Jersey.


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