New Amazon Service Lets Brands Easily Integrate Livestreams Into Sites, Apps

Amazon Web Services has launched a product that lets brands or businesses set up live, interactive video streams for a web or mobile application in just a few minutes, according to the company.

Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) uses the same technology as that used for livestreaming on Amazon-owned Twitch, but enables a more personalized approach.

AWS clients can create a channel through the product, then use any standard streaming software to stream videos to it.

With the Amazon IVS SDK and APIs, customers can also build interactive features into their livestreams, including virtual chat spaces, votes and polls, moderated Q&A sessions, buy buttons for specific on-screen products, and other synchronized promotional elements.

“IVS does the heavy lifting to make sure the video will be viewable to anybody in the world,” notes Engadget.

Customers pay only for their video input to IVS and video output delivered to viewers, according to Amazon.

"Customers have been asking to use Twitch's video streaming technology on their own platforms for a range of use cases like education, retail, sports, fitness and more,” stated Amazon IVS General Manager Martin Hess. "With Amazon IVS, they can leverage the same innovative technology that has taken Twitch over a decade to build and refine. Any developer can build an interactive livestreaming experience into their own application without having to manage the underlying video infrastructure.”

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