Cyber Security Firm Expands To Europe To Help Firms Protect Data

SecureReview, a cyber security firm based in the U.S., has expanded to the EU and the UK to help non-European firms cope with the environment caused by the end of the Privacy Shield.

In addition, the firm’s services are being offered to businesses in the EU and the United Kingdom.

SecureReview helps firms keep their data private, insuring that only the right people gain access, the company says. It uses “facial verification, a dedicated secure email system, screenshot and screen share blocking” to provide a locked-down environment, states Jordan Ellington, founder of SecureReview.

Privacy Shield -- an agreement by which data could flow from Europe to the U.S. and vice versa -- was recently declared non-compliant with European privacy rights, effectively killing it. 

According to the company, authorized users must use a pre-registered computer to gain access to data. gain access, and then only from pre-registered computers. 

The platform works with Citrix, Azure Virtual, AWS workspaces and other solutions, the firm says.

SecureReview was founded in 2017 to help firms in the legal, financial and life sciences fields protect sensitive data. 



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