Sailthru Unveils Data Export Suite To Help Marketers

Sailthru, the provider of personalized marketing automation technology for retailers and publishers, has debuted a data export suite that it says will support several marketing activities. 

The new product, Sailthru Connect, streams email, mobile event and customer profile data, including predictive and implicit interest data, the company says.  

The goal is to help clients “augment product innovation, merchandising, editorial, forecasting, and other functions driven by data and advanced analytics,” states Jason Grunberg, CMO at CM Group, of which Sailthru is a brand. 

Sailthru Connect exports data in a granular way, and is streamed as often as every hour, the company claims. 

In addition, this data drives customer analysis that can create value beyond marketing functions, it says, and can be exported for campaigns, triggers and mobile capabilities. 

Also, the suite allows firms to use their data in their data warehouse or preferred business intelligence tools, Sailthru says.

Firms that have tried it give the product good marks. 

The product provides “rich email and mobile insights, including proprietary interest insights and predictive data,” states Greg Mortimer, director, audience engagement and retention marketing at General Assembly.

Mortimer adds that “with more granular data about how consumers interact with our marketing, we’re now able to test and optimize toward more personalized journeys in real-time."

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