MessageGears Debuts Upgrade To Support Facebook Customer Audiences And Google Customer Match

MessageGears has enhanced its Segment product to include support for Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match. 

In addition, the upgrade will facilitate the enhancement and joining of data within MessageGears’ Engage.  

Segment users can now export groups of customers to see ads in their Facebook feed, or target them for ads when they are searching in Google, the company says. 

In addition, brands can use a drag-and-drop blueprint to define the parts of their audience they want to send to each vendor.

Segment allows brands to create dynamic audiences using their live, real-time data.  Engage enables users to access data to drive live personalization of messages on email open, the company says. And it powers offers on websites. 

With this enhancement, users are no longer restricted to selecting data points from a single data set.

They can now select data points from multiple data sets.

“By making it easy for marketers to work from their own source of truth, marketers can quickly and painlessly design and execute on campaigns through Facebook and Google Ads,” states Nick Ziech-Lopez, director of product strategy at MessageGears.

Ziech-Lopez says that by allowing users to join multiple data sets with Engage, MessageGears enables marketers to personalize communications with all types of data – including "customer, inventory, item, location."

According to MessageGears, Facebook and Google destinations are charged by the number of monthly active users sent to each destination.



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