Hanna Andersson To Use Emarsys For Email Personalization

Children’s apparel brand Hanna Andersson is working with Emarsys to help it achieve one-on-one email personalization, the firm announced on Thursday.

Previously, Hanna Andersson could send only blanket communications, while struggling with centralized automation — no small hurdles given that email accounts for roughly 35% of the company’s digital sales. 

“We used to send marketing emails about girls’ dresses to everyone — regardless of whether you have a daughter or not,” states Kristin Smith, SVP digital, Hanna Andersson. 

In contrast, the brand can now personalize email communications based on customer preference and behavior.  

For instance, it can “send girls’ dresses emails to those that we believe are most likely to be interested and purchase,” Smith adds. 

In addition, the firm can run automated welcome emails and SMS messages, , along with “mop-up campaigns,” targeting prospects who have not yet used, a voucher code they were sent. 

These types of segmentation are “a much more effective way of driving revenue and fostering loyalty,” Smith States. 

Hanna Andersson also says Emarsys is helping the brand mitigate the financial impact caused by COVID-19. 

In another benefit, the company has consolidated its customer engagement from four separate tech vendors into one platform. 

The 35-year-old brand features clothing inspired by Scandinavian design principles.



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