LiquidPixels Integrates Graphic Inbox Tool With HubSpot, Constant Contact And Mailchimp

LiquidPixels, Inc., a provider of dynamic imaging tools, has integrated its Real Time Inbox product into HubSpot, Constant Contact and Mailchimp, the company has announced.

Real Time Inbox helps brands create campaigns that deliver personalized images on demand when the email is opened. 

Also being integrated is LiquiFire OS, a tool that provides such imaging capabilities as colorization, texture draping, and typography.

The company also notes that LiquiFire Image Chains, the technology that drives Real Time Inbox, can now be integrated with several major email marketing services. 

LiquidPixels says it expects to announce additional integrations with email clients and CRMs by the end of the year.

With Real Time Inbox, brands can tailor emails based on geographic information, product stock, pricing or availability, the company says. 

Technical documentation for clients on how to integrate Real Time Inbox with the HubSpot, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp platforms is available on LiquidPixels Knowledge.



Email tools that customize text often fail to do the same for imagery, the firm notes. 

“Email automation was a boon for the digital marketing world, but people are now conditioned to receiving specific and relevant information tailored directly for them,” states Steve Kristy, CEO of LiquidPixels.

Given that expectation, “static imagery with personalized text is insufficient,” Kristy adds.

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