Match My Email Offers New Tools To Salesforce Users

Match My Email is offering Salesforce administrators an email integration option that allows them to capture emails on the Salesforce Activities timeline. 

At the same time, Match My Email is promoting its email app as a sync & stream substitute to Salesforce Einstein, an AI-driven CRM capability.  

For one thing, it argues, activities captured with Einstein are not housed in the same servers as Salesforce, causing headaches for users, it claims. Among these challenges is the inability to use standard Salesforce reports on Activities. 

Furthermore, firms will lose messages they have stored there if they deactivate the Activities.  

Another difference is the length of time emails are stored. Einstein will retain emails for six months, whereas Match My Email will permanently store emails.

In addition, Match My Mail users can import and store legacy emails and attachments, Match My Mail claims.  

Match My Mail, provider of a cloud-based email tool for Salesforce users, has been on the Salesforce AppExchange for over 10 years.



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