Email Still The Top Employee Channel At SMBs, Study Finds

Email is by far the most widely used channel for employee communications at SMBs, despite the perceived boom in Zoom use, according to a study by TriNet.  

The channels, ranked by usage, are: 

Email — 71% 

Video conference — 47%  

SMS — 46%  

Team chat apps — 35% 

Chat forum — 10%

Other — 8%  

The email tally includes seven in 10 very small firms and four in five small to mid-size companies. The study states that Zoom stock has grown by more than 370% during this period. But “video has yet to kill email,” it claims.

Release of the findings accompanies the launch of Rise, a hub for sharing stories and perspectives by workers.  

TriNet also reports that 30% of employees see access to communication platforms as a factor in choosing where they will work.  

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