Metatron Media Tapped By Space Perspective To Develop Brand Partnerships

Metatron Media Partners (MMP), a joint venture with Metatron Capital Partners, which launched this past June, has entered into an exclusive arrangement to represent Space Perspective to develop brand partnerships, sponsorships and content opportunities to support the company's space tourism mission.

Space Perspective announced in June plans to fly passengers and research payloads to the edge of space with its Spaceship Neptune, a high-performance space balloon and pressurized capsule. The company plans to launch from the iconic Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, with additional launch sites around the world, including Alaska, Hawaii, the Mediterranean and other locales. The first un-crewed test flight is scheduled for early 2021 that will include a suite of research payloads.

Zach Rosenberg, co-head of Metatron Media Partners said the agency is scouting for brands that want to associate with "cutting edge space technology, space missions and the overall vision of space exploration. Space Perspective gives us a huge blank slate for brands that want this kind of unique association.”




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