Volvo Enlists Pinterest For Style Quiz, Vehicle Search

In the absence of test drives and in-person shopping, Volvo is launching a quiz on Pinterest to help people find the car that perfectly fits their personal needs. 

The Volvo Style Finder narrows down the best vehicle for all different lifestyles and aesthetics. Through a series of four questions, Pinterest users can streamline the search for their perfect car with a pre-populated board including the cars that are best built for them.  

Seventy-five percent of weekly auto Pinners use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase, according to the social media company. There has been a 26% increase in active car research searches year-to-year on Pinterest (August 2020 compared to August 2019).

The Volvo campaign, created in collaboration with Grey, Unit9 and Mindshare, demonstrates how Pinterest is reimagining virtual shopping, says John Gray, Pinterest global automotive strategy lead.



This is not the first Pinterest activation from the luxury automakers, he says. 

“We have a very strong partnership with Volvo and have been working together for several years,” Gray tells Marketing Daily. “We're constantly looking for new ways to bring the Volvo brand to life.”

There is no specific end date for when the activation will end. “We intend to learn and improve the product over time,” he says.

Eventually Volvo hope to share the product with other markets outside of the United States.

Volvo is looking to reach women and men ages 25-54, but anyone can benefit from the experience, even if they’re just using it for fun, he says. 

“What’s great about Pinterest is that it's not only actionable for those looking to buy a car now, but it's also aspirational, so anyone can dream about their future car,” Gray says.

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