Dynamic Yield Offers Compliant Cookie-Consent Tool

Dynamic Yield, an experience platform, has debuted a tool called that it says will prevent data being collected via cookies unless the person has actively opted, in compliance with GDPR.  

Dynamic Yield’s new “No Consent, No Cookies,” solution blocks user activity tracking until consent is provided, the company claims.  

Prior to this, technology providers have been able to use cookies to perform A/B tests or run context-based personalization campaigns before a user as opted in, it adds.

Dynamic Yield aims to help brands “establish newfound levels of trust with their users” by requiring upfront consent, states Omri Mendellevich, CTO at Dynamic Yield. 

The GDPR states that website visitors must provide clear affirmative action before personal data can be collected and processed for marketing. But only 7% comply, according to the Ruhr-University Bochum and the Institute for Internet Security, according to Dynamic Yield.  

Many websites assume consent if a visitor fails to response to a consent pop-up by scrolling past it or closing it out, the firm continues. 



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