This Just In... IPG Mediabrands Brings NewsGuard To U.S. Media Buys

At a time when media agencies are creating protocols to ensure their clients’ ads don’t show up in unsafe and/or unsavory content, IPG Mediabrands has agreed to begin using NewsGuard’s journalist-powered content ratings system for its digital news media buys in the United States, and other key markets.

NewsGuard -- which was founded by news media pioneer Steven Brill as a solution to the deluge of disinformation being promulgated by questionable publishers and sources -- relies on human intelligence as opposed to machine-learning algorithms to detect, organize and rate the veracity of news and information publishers.

Mediabrands has been working with NewsGuard in the U.K. since late last year, and the new agreement extends its use to the U.S., France, Germany and Italy.

The agency plans to use the ratings as part of its programmatic media buys made on news and information websites.

“Our partnership with NewsGuard has already helped expand the scope of quality inventory available while ensuring ads remain in brand-safe and brand-suitable environments,” Mediabrands Global Brand Safety Officer Joshua Lowcock said in a statement announcing the expansion of its agreement.



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