Tecate Bids 2020 Good Riddance, Uses Computer Vision To Do It

Heineken’s Mexican beer label Tecate will release a music video on New Year’s Eve that some might interpret as a metaphor for saying good riddance to 2020.

In the Spanish-language music video for his latest hit, 'Pa' Que No Te Anden Contando,' Gerencia 360’s artist Giovanny Ayala sings to a woman, telling her to leave him alone. The two broke up — and now he’s trying to move on.

“I ask you please not to call me, not to look for me,” he sings. “I'm quite fine without your presence, even if you doubt it.”

While a banner with the brand’s name and cans of Tecate appear in the music video, the innovation comes from the targeting technology integrated into the video.

Mirriad’s AI and computer vision technology inserts products and signage formats in content after it is produced. The technology allows brands to contextually target the ad across platforms and adds remote ad integration during a time when standard production operations are restricted. 

Mirriad’s technology extends targeting beyond demographics to match artists and brands, based on the context of scenes within the content. The technology analyzes content and unlocks targeting capabilities across linear TV, digital and music to go beyond audience demographics by matching brands to context and emotion within the content.

The video ad aims to connect the brand with Mexican Americans between the age of 21 and 35 on platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon, FB, TikTok and Instagram, and will run across 70 to 80 digital platforms, according to the company. It also will tie in to targeting to promote Giovanny and the song on YouTube.

The remainder of the media will run cross-platform and specific to Mexico or the U.S.

Through data generated by the video, analysts will study the impact of branded integrations in music videos using its technology.

It plans to measure lifts in brand key performance indicators and performance-like affinity, consideration and awareness. The findings are scheduled to be released in mid-February.

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