hospitality Offers Valentine's Day Dumpster Stays is using Valentine’s Day as the perfect opportunity for consumers to get some closure on a bad break-up.  

For those looking for sweet revenge for the former flame who did them wrong, is listing the only stay suitable for their trashy ex: a dumpster.

Consumers can visit through Feb. 12 at 8 a.m. to tell the company why the ex deserves a stay in the dumpster  — and also where their dream hotel stay would be (without the ex, of course.)

All entries will receive a fictional, yet satisfying, booking confirmation email for the ex’s imaginary V-Day Dumpster Stay. They also will be entered to win a $300 gift card with no expiration. Fifteen winners will be randomly selected for the gift cards. 

“If there are two truths on which we can all agree, it’s that we have a terrible ex who should be left in the past, and travel is always one of the best forms of self-love,” according to the company. “It pays to be petty, especially when your ex is trash!”



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