Super Bowl Streams At 20% For CTV Device Owners, Sports Wagering Higher

TV streaming of CBS’ Super Bowl LV game came in somewhat less than expected when it comes to connected TV devices.

Just over 20% of TV homes with Roku or Chromecast devices streamed the game, according to TVision, the eye-tracking TV technology company. Among “heavy” users of the NFL, 5.5% streamed the game.

Before the Super Bowl game, Roku estimated 42% of its device owners planned to stream the event.

Co-viewing of the big game dipped 20%, according to TVision -- to 1.8 -- the average number of people in the room -- versus 2.0 a year ago. Many federal agencies, including the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, asked Super Bowl viewers not to have Super Bowl parties -- just to watch the game with those people they live with.

A typical co-viewing rate across all TV programming can range from 1.2 to 1.3 people viewing in a room. TVision measures second-by-second attention and engagement across TV and CTV.

Although some data around the Super Bowl declined, sports betting of the big game was estimated to have increased to $500 million in terms of “regulated wagers” -- from $300 million in 2020, according to RoundHill Investments, via CNBC.

Much of this came from mobile and online betting. More states are coming online for legalizing sports betting.



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