Microsoft Ad Suggestions Offers Auto-Apply

Microsoft Advertising users could begin seeing ad suggestions with auto-apply on their Recommendations page in the Ads & extensions category as early as this month.

Ad suggestions are variations of an existing ad based on its keywords, landing page, targeting, ad extensions and other relevant content, Microsoft explains. Marketers can apply, edit, or dismiss them, similar to other regular recommendations.

The news, announced Thursday, suggests Microsoft Advertising’s platform will generate ad suggestions when it detects an ad group that may be better served with different quality ads.

The change is intended to save time in creating ads with different variations, and improve efficiency on ad-copy optimization.

The idea is to identify ad groups that show the potential for better performance by creating new ads based on existing content — all behind the scenes.

Ad suggestions marked as auto-apply will begin serving after 14 days if no action is taken, according to Microsoft Program Manager Jie Gao, and Microsoft Advertising Senior Product Marketing Manager Cristiano Ventura.

When Microsoft Advertising identifies an ad group that might be helped by having more quality ads, it creates suggested ads designed for that ad group. Ad suggestions marked as auto-apply will start serving after 14 days if no action is taken.

Marketers will see the date intended for the ad to serve up in the Recommendations detail page, and will receive an email notice.

Advertisers will receive a maximum of 50 suggested ads per account at one time.

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