Netflix Dominates 'Demand Share' Of Streamers

Netflix remains dominant when it comes to overall original premium digital content -- but the demand from consumers for new competing premium streamers is growing fast.

Parrot Analytics, which follows “demand share,” says Netflix retains the top position in the U.S. and globally -- with a leading 48.1% and 50.2% shares, respectively.

Netflix's demand share has gained 62% over the last two years.

At the same time, competitors collectively have seen a 131% increase in demand for original content over that period. Two years ago, in the first-quarter of 2019, Netflix had an overall industry-leading demand share of 63.1% share.

In the U.S., at a distant second place to Netflix is Amazon Prime Video, with a 8.9% share, followed by Hulu at 7.5%; Disney+ (7%); HBO Max (5.1%); Apple TV+ (5.0%), and Paramount+ (3.8%). Other streamers collectively have a 14.6% share.

Parrot says its “demand share” data comes from more than 1.5 billion daily expressions of demand in over 100 languages in more than 200 countries. Data is gleaned from blog and microblog sites, research sites (Wikipedia, Reddit, etc), review sites (Rotten Tomatoes, newspapers, etc), video sites for trailers (YouTube, etc), streaming and social-media sites.

Netflix accounted for the top seven of 10 most in-demand original series. In the first quarter of 2020, Netflix’s series “Cobra Kai” was the leader in individual in-demand streaming content -- producing results 50.43 times the average streaming title.

Disney+ had the next two prominent positions with “The Mandalorian” (at 46.72x) and “WandaVision” (39.94x). HBO Max's best result was with “Titans” (26.84x). The best result for Amazon Prime Video was with “The Expense” (25.59x) .

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