Guess What Marketers Are Searching For (You Guessed It - 'Search')

It’s hard to imagine, but search is becoming even more important, as seen by the way intent for search-related terms has soared in recent months. Simply put, nearly every buyer journey -- whether it happens in the B2B, DTC or B2C space -- starts with search. 

As the initial gateway to information, products, and services, search provides unedited insight into our customers’ needs.

In a 24/7, always-on environment, new information is being absorbed even when customers are not in the buying cycle. Having a clear view into what buyers are searching for can help marketers understand the motivation behind a search query. 

However, if you're relying too much on the nature of the current top-ranking pages to infer search intent, that can be problematic. Be sure to take this information with a grain of salt. Don’t rely too much on historical data. From small entities to large corporations, prioritizing your understanding of behavioral data can help ensure your content moves your audience to take action. 

“SEO/SEM retargeting,” which is closely related to site retargeting and has to do with the search terms used prior to arriving on your site, has also been on the rise among both brands and agencies, as measured by Bombora Company Surge.

With the rapid proliferation of online content and ever more automation tools at hand, advertisers are testing and investing in new ways to reach their desired audiences for an accelerated path to purchase. For successful SEM campaigns, promoting relevant content that speaks to industry needs will be a must.

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