Onboarding Firm Integrates With Adobe CDP To Drive Identity Resolution

MediaWallah, an onboarding and identity resolution firm, has formed an integration with the Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform. 

Adobe customers will be able to access MediaWallah’s identity graph and onboarding capabilities.

The goal is to extend the ability of marketers to “take control over their own data with the Adobe CDP into the identity space,” states Nik Shroff, senior director of global technology partners, Adobe.

MediaWallah’s profiles integrate offline identifiers such as email, postal address, IP address, FN/LN and mobile ad ID (MAID) with cookieless IDs and other digital first-party IDS. 

The integration will allow Real-time CDP customers to port data across outlets and partners, as well as conduct analytics. 

The arrangement builds on an existing Premier Partnership relationship between the companies. 

The profiles match owned first-party identifiers that are not already associated together, the company adds. These might include a pseudonymized version of an email address. 




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