SMBs Are Offered Free DMARC-as-a-Service

Small businesses can now have cost-effective DMARC protection through a new DMARC-as-a-Service offering from Valimail. 

The new service, Valimail Authenticate, makes DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) available to serve entitles ranging from SMBs to FedRAMP — i.e., government sites required to be compliant. 

The email security tool is available for Microsoft 365 customers in the Azure Marketplace. 

"Valimail Authenticate for Microsoft 365 makes the service-discovery component of DMARC incredibly simple, providing a fully automated visibility service, free of charge," said Girish Chander, Partner Group Product Manager, Microsoft Defender at Microsoft.

The goal of DMARC-as-a-Service is to provide IT personnel with “the knowledge, control and resources they need to protect email domains without vendor dependency,” states Alexander Garcia-Tobar, CEO of Valimail.



Valimail provides sender intelligence, contextual analytics, instant SPF and a SaaS customer experience, the company says.

“Authenticate makes DMARC an automated and efficient process, avoiding the many pitfalls of getting to enforcement," adds one user, Jj Agha, CISO, Compass. 

Another user, Tenebris, finds that Authenticate provides “a slick user interface,” while updating the company daily, states Eric Jacksch, president and principal consultant at Tenebris.

Jacksch adds that "in today's SaaS world, it's increasingly difficult to manually maintain SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.”



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