Direct-Response Firms Offered An Electronic Ad-Buying System

CoreMedia Systems is working with Premium Media360 on a system that will give direct marketers the same media-buying tools as their general advertising counterparts. 

Direct-response brands can deliver their media orders to networks, via CoreDirect software. This eliminates the need for email orders, receipts and manual entry, the company says. 

The goal is to provide agencies with much greater "efficiency, accountability and reliability,” states Kevin Gaffney, executive vice president, product strategy for CoreMedia.

Similar electronic ordering systems have been long available on the general advertising side, but the offering from CoreMedia and Premium Media360 is unique to the DR field, the companies claim.

Direct marketers have traditionally sent orders to sellers via email with a PDF attached, they note. But manual data entry often leads to bottlenecks and mistakes, resulting in lost orders and ads that do not run according to schedule, the firms note. 



The companies had already partnered on a solution that enables DR buyers to receive pre- and post-log files within CoreDirect.

Their new system provides a bridge from CoreDirect to sell-side TV advertising systems. 

"Direct-response advertising relies on accurate, fast, and dependable data — requirements that turn the already-complex DR ordering into a major challenge for agencies and networks alike," Gaffney adds. 


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