NEC To Offer Way For Brands To Personalize Videos Using Consumer Data

NEC Corporation will announce today a partnership with Idomoo, which helps brands personalize videos using first-party data. Mortgage companies frequently use this type of technology to welcome new clients.

The two companies announced the news today.

Idomoo CRO Yaron Dishon said NEC is integrating the technology into its Smart Connectivity platform, a portfolio of network services. It will enable NEC to offer its customers the ability to create millions of high-quality personalized videos per hour.

Personalized marketing material may have started with collateral pieces sent to a consumer's home, but now online the average person gets bombarded with dozens of videos daily. Personalization helps keep the consumer's attention.

NEC Smart Connectivity, created in 2019, leverages the company’s strength in networking technology by connecting personal data through networks. It can identify individuals from videos at events, and provide them with original highlight videos, or customized videos linked to product-purchase information for each individual.



The idea is to help NEC create new services with an aim to improve customer satisfaction.

The integration of this technology will initially take place in Japan.

NEC’s strong market share in Japan will prompt the development of personalized video services in a range of industries, along with one-to-one communication between businesses and their customers.

Dishon said it makes consumers feel unique. A video from the company claims customers on average gain a five-times better click-through rate, and 23% of those viewing the video click on a call to action.

Smart Connectivity also is being tested with Delta Air Lines, which is experimenting with facial recognition for consumers who are about to board a flight.

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