Software Suite Covers Email, SMS And Other Channels

Software provider Phonexa has debuted a suite of three products to help brands make the most of their email, SMS, calls, leads and click strategies. 

The new suite includes Lynx (click tracking), Opt-Intel (suppression list management) and Cloud PBX (a cloud phone system).

These tools join Phonexa's existing products: Call Logic (call tracking and distribution), LMS SYNC (lead tracking and distribution), E-Delivery (email and SMS marketing) and Books360 (automated accounting), the five-year-old company says.  

Phonexa claims that merging these products and channels under one uniform entity is a breakthrough. "The archaic days of segmentation and depending on niche-based marketing solutions are over,” states David Gasparyan, president and CEO of Phonexa.

Gasparyan adds that “much like Google and Adobe have revolutionized industries with their set of foundational tools, Phonexa is following in their path but in a parallel lane by arming marketers with an all-in-one suite of products.”



Clients can engage with Phonexa via a new website, a desktop platform, iOS and a Google Play mobile app.  

In addition, the company has unveiled a new monthly pricing model that is designed to further separate Phonexa from competition that "offer just one or two niche services,” the firm says in an announcement. 


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