Price Biggest Driver Of Consumer Purchases, Study Finds

Price is the single biggest factor in consumer purchase decisions, and it is also the biggest turnoff when changes occur, according to Part 2 of The State Of Personal Commerce, a study by Bluecore.

There are lessons here for email marketers planning ecommerce campaigns.

Of the shoppers polled, 57% say price has the greatest impact when buying. The other considerations are recommendations (20%), necessity (16%) and brand (7%). 

Price is the main driver for 59% of Gen Z respondents, 55% of millennials, 55% of Gen Xers and 53% of boomers.

But millennials are more affected by recommendations than other groups, with 26% citing them.  

Generation X & Y (age 34-55) are more impacted by brand than others, with 16% specifying it. And 26% boomers say purchases are driven by necessity.   



Of all shoppers, 36% say discounts have the greatest impact on buying decisions. But 64% are more influenced by other features, including relevant product recommendations (30%), timing of communications (24%) and engaging content (10%). Content and subject lines rank lowest.  

Gen Z is most motivated by timing of the communication (38%), millennials and Gen X & Y by relevant product recommendations (35% and 34% respectively) and boomers are most swayed when discounts or promotions are enclosed (52%).   

The primary causes of excitement for the last purchase are:   

  • Price — 30% 
  • Deal — 25% 
  • Product — 24%
  • Certainty — 10% 
  • Experience — 8% 
  • Speed of arrival — 2% 

Despite all that, consumers will end their relationship with a brand because of the following: 

  • Change in prices — 37%
  • Scandal/bad publicity — 29%
  • Involvement (or lack thereof) in political/social issues — 25%
  • Too many irrelevant digital communications — 5%
  • Other — 4% 

Bluecore surveyed 522 U.S. shoppers during the first quarter.



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