2021 U.S., Worldwide Consensus Jumps On Zenith Ad Revisions

Publicis Media's Zenith unit became the last of the ad industry's Big 4 agency forecasting teams to update its year-end 2020 ad outlook -- and like the others, revised it up significantly for the U.S. and worldwide ad-spending growth.

Based on Zenith's revisions, the ad industry consensus for 2021 global ad growth jumps to +13.1% currently from +11.7%, when Dentsu was the last to revise its outlook a couple of weeks ago.

The 2021 U.S. ad-growth consensus jumps to +14.6% from +12.2% previously.

“After a very tough year last year, the ad market is enjoying rapid and broad-based recovery, and will end this year well above the level it achieved in 2019,” Zenith Head of Forecasting Jonathan Barnard said in a statement released with his revisions this morning. “Digital advertising is becoming a more effective tool for brand growth as media and commerce continue to move online, attracting greater investment from large brands and small businesses alike.”



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