Klaviyo Offers Tools To Enable Email, Text Alerts And SMS A/B Tests

Brands trying to get a handle on customer engagement might be interested in new product features announced on Wednesday by Klaviyo. 

The firm seeks to provide clients with more ownership of “their data, their customers and the experiences they delivery” says Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo.

One of the new offerings is the Price Drop Trigger. This alerts email and text subscribers when a product they like goes on sale at a lower price. The tool automates price-drop messages and avoids the need for manual one-off campaigns, the company says.  

Then there is Multi-Step Forms, which allows brands to ask customers to provide information or subscribe in multiple steps instead of asking for everything at once, the company says.

Klaviyo is also debuting SMS A/B Testing, enabling brands to automatically test different variations of SMS campaigns. 



In addition, Klaviyo is providing a Reports Library, a collection of reports based on Klaviyo data to answer marketing and ecommerce questions. 

The new features enhance the three core parts of Klaviyo’s platform: a secure database for storing customer data; messaging and marketing tools for creating and delivering personalized messages and a learning layer.

“We believe the future of our relationships with the people we care about won’t be gated by marketplaces or social platforms, we’ll talk directly to them,” Bialecki adds. 



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