RollWorks Collaborates With Bombora, KickFire And G2 To Provide Intent Data

RollWorks has enhanced its B2B account-centric data offerings through additional partner and platform investments. The improvements are intended to help firms send more targeted emails to likely buyers. 

RollWorks is working with Bombora and KickFire and pursuing an integration with G2 to capture account-level intent signals, the company says. 

In addition, RollWorks is investing in firmographic data identification and IP domain resolution. 

These improvements will help B2B teams identify target accounts and contacts and reach buying committees across multiple channels, the company claims. 

The company seeks to “strengthen our own data assets to offer a more comprehensive solution that helps go-to-market teams grow their revenue," states Mike Stocker, vice president of partnerships at RollWorks. 



Included in the collaborations are:

  • Bombora's Company Surge Intent data. This measures and scores intent across Bombora’s data cooperative comprised of 4,000+ B2B content sources. With this integration, “small and midsize B2B businesses will be equipped to build more strategic account-based programs and compete with the larger fish in their markets,” states Charles Crnoevich, vice president of partnerships at Bombora.
  • KickFire provides first-party intent data and IP address intelligence. RollWorks is adding Kickfire’s TWIN Caching IP address intelligence. This partnership aligns with “an industry shift toward IP-based intent tracking and ad targeting," states Tina Bean, co-founder of KickFire.
  • G2's buyer intent data is also being added, identifying in-market behavior. The companies are aiming at winter 2021 to bring the integration to mutual customers. G2 and RollWorks both believe that “a strong data foundation will provide powerful benefits to create more efficient, successful organizations all around," states Brittany Wroblewski, vice president of strategic partnerships at G2. 

Stocker argues that data “powers all aspects of robust account-based strategies, from discovering your ideal customer profile to setting up your target account list and then targeting those accounts in the most efficient and effective way.”



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