87% Of Gen Zs Confirm Increased Use Of Interactive Video

A new survey finds 87% of Gen Zs confirm that they have been using more mobile apps with built-in interactive video streaming or video-calling features over the past year. 

The survey examined Gen Z preferences for real-time engagement (RTE) — digital experiences that are interactive, collaborative and shared through technology including live video, live audio, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).   

The survey was conducted earlier this month among 1,000 Gen Z consumers, for RTE platform company Agora. 

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of respondents said they had tried interactive live audio streaming apps over the past year, and 70% said that in light of COVID -19, they would prefer retailers to offer AR and VR tech in their apps to test and try products at home before buying. 

Nearly half (46%) said that interactive video or audio are important for their gaming apps, and 23% deemed them extremely important (chart above). 

In addition, 63% agreed that front-facing AR filters are key to keeping them interested in a social media app or service. 

While commissioned by a tech vendor in the space, this survey’s results echo other research pointing to the Gen Z cohort’s craving for online interaction, including intimate connections made via “digital campfires.”

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