ESP Cordial Now Offers Platform Through Amazon's AWS Marketplace

Cordial, an ESP and cross-channel marketing platform, will be available in Amazon’s digital catalog AWS Marketplace.

The company claims this is the first time an ESP is being offered in the ASW Marketplace. It proves that AWS, "arguably the largest cloud software company on the planet, is recognizing the strategic importance of offering email marketing solutions to its customers and prioritizing it above other channels." 

The goal is to provide marketers with “a simpler way” of utilizing the software, states Jeremy Swift, founder and CEO of Cordial. 

"Cordial's marketing and data platform being available in AWS Marketplace accelerates time to market so its customers can continue to innovate faster,” states Mona Chadha, director of AWS Marketplace Category Management, AWS.



Amazon will doubtless add other ESPs, as it has added CDPs, in the future, the spokesperson adds. 

Cordial helps brands such as Revolve, 1-800 Contacts, and Backcountry collect all of their unstructured customer and business data from wherever it lives in the tech stack, use it for marketing, the company says.

The level of flexibility in Cordial's underlying architecture “has allowed us to scale our business quickly and with ease, states " Micah Evans, CTO at CREDO Mobile.


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