Piano Launches Analytics Platform That It Says Provides Single Source Of Data

Piano -- a provider of analytics, personalization and subscription services for publishers and other brands -- has debuted a privacy-centric analytics tool to provide brands with a single source of reporting data, the company announced last week. 

The new offering, Piano Analytics, is designed to help companies become aligned on “one set of decisions,” says Trevor Kaufman, CEO of Piano. 

Kaufman notes that up until now, “there has been a virtual monopoly of legacy analytics tools that have been using bad data — they are too complicated and too limited to adapt to today's sophisticated digital channels." 

The company feels it is challenging Google and Adobe head-on by providing compliant, portable data.

The new launch  is a result of Piano's acquisition of France-based AT Internet, a European provider of digital analytics and contextual data services, in March of this year. 

Piano analytics offers integration, real-time reporting and built-in multimedia analytics  on how customers are using video or audio

Earlier this year, Piano raised $88 million in funding in a round led by Updata Partners. The company planned to use the money to to enhance its data and analytics products, it said at the time. The firm also integrated its data-management tools with its customer journey orchestration product Composer



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