Extreme Reach Accredited For CTV Ad Impressions

Extreme Reach, the ad-serving, analytics and rights management company, has received accreditation for connected TV video advertising impressions from the Media Rating Council --  joining seven other companies.

The announcement also includes new MRC accreditation for mobile app, under the MRC category “rendered ad impressions -- video.”

In January 2020, the MRC revoked accreditation of the Extreme Reach AdBridge platform, although no explanation was disclosed. Since then, the MRC has also reinstated Extreme’s desktop digital video impressions accreditation.

Extreme Reach’s CTV business continues to be a growing channel, accounting for 35% of overall digital video ad impressions in the second quarter of 2021. Since second-quarter 2020, the company says this has remained in the range of 35% to 41% of impressions served by the company.



In its “Video Benchmark Report,” the company reports industry-wide CTV impressions have grown three times larger in the second quarter of this year versus the same quarter a year ago.

With Extreme Reach. there are now eight ad-serving companies that have connected TV video impression accreditation from the MRC, including DoubleVerify, FreeWheel, Innovid, Moat, Pixelate, Protected Media and Hulu.

Extreme Reach dropped its accreditation for the MRC segment of “viewable video impressions" last year.

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