DemandScience Offers B2B Marketers New Service To Drive Engagement

B2B intelligence platform DemandScience has debuted a service that provides contact engagement insights, which it says can help sales and marketing teams reach in-market buyers. 

The new offering, Confirmed Connect, uses Leadiro, the company’s data platform, to pinpoint contacts based on their recent email and phone-based engagement trends, DemandScience adds.

By layering this engagement data into the platform, “we connect our B2B clients with buyers who we've confirmed opened or clicked on an email, and/or picked up the phone within the past 30/60/90 days," says Chris Rack, CRO, DemandScience.

The goal is to push past “simple data validity into engagement, maximizing the ROI for B2B sales and marketing teams," Rack adds.   

The firm addresses the hurdle of  prioritizing the best contacts for sales and marketing outreach — "the single biggest pain point for B2B teams today” — by analyzing data “from over 10 million monthly market engagements to identify B2B decision-makers with the highest propensity to convert,” says Peter Cannone, CEO of DemandScience. 

On its website, DemandScience says it “links a B2B user journey with data touchpoints and indexes recency, frequency, monetary and intent signals to accurately predict ‘next actions’ and increase revenue.

The global company projects that its 2021 revenue will reach more than $100 million, which would be 100% growth YoY. 



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