For This Starcom Campaign, The Medium Is The Smell Of Bergamot, Orange And Lavender

Starcom Monday broke a new "multi-sensory" out-of-home media campaign in major British cities leveraging smell, as well as sight, sound and motion to promote renewable energy brand E.ON during the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

The campaign, which runs through Nov. 14, features "scent showers," "sound boxes" and "unmissable vibrant colors" to drive awareness for the brand, and ideally convert some passersby into customers too.

In addition to the conference's hub of Glasgow, the installations are located across London, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Newcastle, Manchester, and Liverpool transforming elevators -- or "lifts" as the Brits might say -- into "positivity boxes" dispensing scent showers via a mist in the air featuring the smell of bergamot, orange and lavender to "transport shoppers to a calm and happy place."

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