Pinterest Looks Ahead With 2022 Not-Yet-Trending Report

“Before you see it everywhere, see it here” is Pinterest’s slogan for this year’s annual “Pinterest Predicts” report, which highlights trends, local spotlights, new demographic information, and other opportunities for advertisers to look for in 2022. 

The report’s findings are based on emerging searches. In order for Pinterest to look forward to what will be trending, it has assessed the native data, analyzing what their 400 million monthly active users across the world have been searching for most. 

As a social platform centered around visual inspiration, specific images users collect that depict their desires and tastes across industries, Pinterest is in a unique position to make bets on the future. 

According to a recent statement, people have saved over 300 billion Pins across a range of interests, from building a home office to cooking a new recipe and even planning a vacation. 

Pinterest also underscores the accuracy of the report on what is not yet trending with an 80% accuracy rating from last year’s predictions, stating that 8 out of 10 of its predictions came true in 2021. 

In terms of navigating the predictions, advertisers are able to filter potential 2022 trends based on target audience –– from Gen Z to Boomers –– and thematic category –– home, beauty, fashion, food, travel, design, wellbeing etc. Along with insights from partnered creators, the report also features business tips to help brands take advantage of rising trends.

Because it’s Pinterest, these predictions are reliant on aesthetics. 

Under the report’s travel category is the “Night moves,” page, which suggests people will be more interested in exploring a new place at night than during the day. This prediction is based on the popularity of nighttime images of dark roads and midnight cityscapes that users have been pinning most. 

In order to “Bring this trend to life,” Pinterest offers advice to travel brands, tech brands, and restaurant or food and beverages brands. 

Travel brands should try and inspire travelers with video ads on how they can make the most of their nights, “from city light tours to star-lit beach walks,” as well as highlighting must-see locations after dark.

To capitalize on this pinned-trend, tech brands could use collections ads made up of high-quality smartphone footage of people’s after-dark escapades. Hospitality brands, on the other hand, could introduce late-night eating and drinking options to their menus. 

The “Pinterest Predicts” report breaks down every thematic category like this, with catchy titles–– “Relation-tips” (Wellbeing); “Oh my goth” (Fashion); “Altbashes” (Celebration)––and suggestions to whichever brand-types fit best.  

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